Serving the Tri-County Area

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Antique frames are a tasteful and beautiful addition to your home, but age and use can leave them faded, broken, and scratched. Call Peaceable Kingdom today to speak with one of our experts about our restoration services.

Our craftsmanship is guaranteed

  • Frames are cleaned and stabilized

  • Corners are re-glued

  • Scratches are repaired/ retouched

  • Old frames cleaned and restored

  • Missing pieces replaced

  • Glass, hardware, backing replaced

Frame restoration

  • Oil Paintings Cleaned

  • Tears and holes repaired in paintings

  • Expert inpainting of damaged areas

  • Apply final coats of varnish          

Restoration of Painting and Artwork

Museum archival-quality restoration brings the frames back to life and protects them for years for display and appreciation.

Museum restoration

Top-notch restoration

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